Daily Draw – Simple Month Ahead Spread with the ELLIS decK

Today I am using a spread provided by Lisa at angelorum.com, who promises the look at the month ahead spread is suitable for all abilities of reading the cards.  This spread is unique in that it uses all Majors to answer the first question, Court Cards to answer the second part, and the Minor Arcana or pip cards to answer the third.  Since it’s the start of a new week, I have not yet shuffled my deck of the week, The ELLIS decK, so it seemed like a great time to use the spread.  If I were using a previously shuffled deck, I may be inclined to do it the lazy way and simply shuffle, draw until I had a Major, shuffle and draw until I had a court card, and a final shuffle looking for that pip.  However you may choose to try the spread, it all works.

1. Major Arcana.  Main developmental theme in the month ahead.  You could get very specific in this area, which I find works best when I read for others, but I was just looking for the general feel.

2. Court Card.  Best mental attitude to cultivate.

3. Minor Arcana. Action advice.  This card, combined with the advice on which court card to personify, gives advice on navigating the main theme of the month.

The ELLIS decK – the Tower, Knight of Swords, Five of Pentacles

The Simple Month Ahead Spread – May, 2017

1. Main developmental theme in the month ahead – The Tower.  Here is where I almost noped right out of the reading and the whole new blog thing, because really, almost no one enjoys experiencing Tower phases of life, and my surly, placid, plodding Taurean nature especially abhors the sudden and drastic changes The Tower can bring.  In my rational mind I know the Tower brings clarity more than calamity, and I know calamity can be avoided by not letting the Tower energy reach critical mass before I deal with the swirling energies surrounding it, but I still experience the cold chill of fear when I see the card, especially as a theme for the month.

2. Attitude to cultivate – Knight of Swords.  I shall simply have to be a warrior as I face the month ahead.  The Tower is no nonsense, doesn’t deal in deeper metaphor, and neither does the Knight of Swords.  I shall have to be precise with my words and make clear, swift decisions. The Tower can be a bit of a nasty surprise, but the Knight of Swords is never taken unawares.  And while he looks slightly grim, he also looks determined, and will not let fear or timidness make his decisions.

3. Action advice – Five of Pentacles.  For a multitude of reasons, I put a lot of stock in feeling secure.  Probably my nature was already skewed that way, and a hard scrabble childhood that included not really having “enough” and lots of upheaval cemented the trait for me.  I feel best when there is money in the bank, food in the pantry, and I know where I am going to be for the next several months.  For someone who holds these things so dear, as an adult I have not always been able to keep them close.  It’s important for me to understand that material lack does not equal spiritual lack, and that only one of them really matters.  One of the defining characteristics of this card for me, is that the figures are so downtrodden that they do not see the Pentacles above them.  They don’t look up so they don’t see any other way to be.  But forewarned is forearmed, and I can look up.  I can experience a tumultuous moment in life without losing the rest of the pieces of the puzzle, and I can remain cool, calm, and collected when under pressure.

This deck is The ELLIS decK by Taylor Ellis.  I purchased it on Amazon.  It is also available as a fully functional app, complete with text and interactive readings, from The Fool’s Dog, LLC.


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