Daily Draw – Foxes and Mermaids Are Wild Things

I am a little hung up on these cards and not quite sure where to go with this reading.

the ELLIS decK – Four of Rods, Eight of Cups, The Moon

An effective but sometimes overlooked technique for dealing with a reading when you are just not sure exactly what the reading is telling you is to simply start describing the cards.  There is no “right” or wrong answer when doing this, and by diving in (like our mermaid in the center card) we can quickly pull our associations with the cards from the depths of our subconscious.  Since I believe that the meaning of the cards and the energy of the reading comes from within ourselves anyway, this is a perfect technique to read any spread.

My eye is first drawn to the mermiad’s sassy flick of her tail as she dives underneath the waves.  We as humans need expensive gear and lessons to do what comes easily and naturally to her. Water is not the right medium to attempt a balancing act of the eight Cups, and instead of messing around with a game she knows she can’t win she has opted to nope right out of there and move onto something she can.  We see her emerge to join the fox from the first card taking a turn yipping at The Moon. Foxes are wild and they hunt alone but they like living in packs. This makes me think of my family because our interests are diverse but we come together and it just works. Foxes are also creatures of the night, so it makes perfect sense for them to be moved by the moon while the mermaid is also called near.

So, this reading that I was having trouble with has become clear- Nothing matters more to me than my family, but the truth is that I am not a person who does well when I am forced to interact with others, even those I hold most dear.  I need my solitary time, my alone time, to be wild in my thoughts and my dreams, to write and muse and dream, and it’s okay.  My family needs their space too. This is a season for all of us to hold on loosely, confidant that our bonds are strong.  We now have three kids no longer at home, and the two that remain are ridiculously busy with school, basketball, working, and cheer.  My sweet husband and I are exceptionally busy right now.  Instead of trying to force us into family time that ends up feeling like a burden to all of us I am going to trust my intuition this week to gently draw us together according to the rhythm of our lives and our needs.

These cards are from the ELLIS decK, which I purchased on Amazon.  The Fool’s Dog, LLC has made a fully functional app complete with text which I also recommend.


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