Daily Draw-

Today I am using a spread I discovered years ago on the now read-only Aecletic Tarot forum. No link because I stopped participating there long before it closed due to uh, reasons, but Google is always there for you. This spread is courtesy of the lovely Thorhammer, who I do jot know apart from the forum so I can’t give her better credit.

The Naked Heart Tarot- Seven of Pentacles, Four of Swords, Four of Pentacles, Strength

The first card is What I Did Well Today. The second card is What to Carry with Me into Tomorrow. The third card is What to Leave Here.

Today I did a good job of planting seeds for the future and harvesting those I have already tended. I have done that in the form of updating my blog and social media and getting my Bullet Journal up to date as well, as reflected by the Seven of Pentacles.

Going forward, I need to remember to take time to rest and relax. For the past several months every time the Four of Swords has appeared in a reading I have fallen ill. I am going to try to avoid that this week by getting to bed early and resting enough instead of burning my candle at both ends.

The Four of Pentacles in my what to leave behind is my miserly attitude. Creativity has to spent completely every day, to be refilled the next, or it goes to waste. I often work and act as if I have limited creative resources that once I use up I will be no longer be a creative person. Seeing that written makes me realize how silly that is. Leave it all on the page, you.

Strength was the card at the bottom of the deck, which I often consider a kind of shadow energy to a reading. Most things are doable for a day but I am running a lifelong marathon and I need to pace myself accordingly while being disciplined, about eating and writing mostly.

These images are from The Naked Heart Tarot by Jillian C. Wilde


New Deck Interview – The Naked Heart Tarot

Today begins a week of work with a self published deck by Jillian C. Wilde, The Naked Tarot.  This deck was originally funded via Kickstarter, and according to man emails I have received from the creator, their seems to have been some quality control issues with the first run of the deck.  The plan seems to be to release a new deck in July 2018, so this seems a good time to devote a week to working with this deck.  I have zero issues with my deck physically, and it is beautifully presented and perfect in every way.

I am using a spread via my friend Lisa Lloyd at Angelorum.  This is one of my daily read blogs and Lisa is a knowledgeable and passionate teacher.

Naked Heart Deck Interview.jpg
New Deck Interview – The Naked Heart Tarot
  1.  Why I need you in my life- Ten of Swords.  It is time for me to rise up again.  I have been experiencing a long dark night of the soul, tarot included.  I have many plans and lots of good works but I have felt as if the effort of accomplishing them is beyond me.  This is, of course, mostly an attitude problem, and Swords are the the suit of attitudes, but those can be the most difficult to overcome.  So much turmoil as my kids become self sufficient adults, adding two new grandbabies, taking total responsibility for one of them when my husband and I had made a conscious choice to be done raising children.  I have never dealt with change easily or without a lot of inner strife, and I tend to reflect my negative energy inwards and take it out on myself.  I have felt emotionally and physically drained for several months, and the first thing I do in those times is the last thing I should do- let go of tarot and writing.  Tens are the end of a cycle, and this cycle of strife has ended for me.  I am ready to begin anew, which is reflected in the following cards.  This deck is perfect for helping me end one painful phase and move on to a brighter one.
  2. How to work together- Judgement is one of those cards that seems slippery to me.  The typically Christian iconography of the dead answering the trumpet call of a resurrection angel is very particular yet the concept does not always resonate.  I most often interpret Judgement as a call that one can choose to answer, or not.  I have read that inside the chrysalis, a caterpillar becomes utter goo, a glob of nothingness, without form.  I have felt that of myself in the past several months- formless, aimless, and utterly unsure when I will emerge or what I will see when I do.  So, the deck calls, which I feel is simply a way to pick the voice of the Divine from the din of the world, and I will answer, if I choose.  A butterfly forced from its’ protective shell before its’ time would die.  There will be no forcing me to move along.  I can choose to heed the call.
  3.  How you challenge me- The Magician.  This is a deck that will require me to use my inner resources to grow and to learn.  I will not be spoon fed knowledge or peace, but both are there for me to earn through my diligent investment.  I have struggled with showing up recently.  Anything more than survival has seemed too lofty a goal.  But now I have more energy and resources at my disposal so I am ready to invest them wisely.  I will have to look with my eyes and not get too hung up on second guessing myself.
  4. Greatest strength- Ace of Swords.  This is a logical and clear communicating deck with a penchant for sparking new ideas.  Words will not be minced.  There is much potential, but as the other card depicting a butterfly, Judgement, the choice is mine to follow that potential on butterfly wings.
  5. Greatest weakness- Father of Cups.  I am a bit of a wallower at times, wallowing in my feelings, soaking them all up and allowing them to steer me, cresting waves of emotion dictating my days at times.  This deck can’t stop that, and may even give me opportunity to lose myself in feelings.  The trick I have to utilize is to recognize what is healthy acknowledgment of what I am feeling and when I am allowing it to become crashing waves around me.  Whales are unique animals, who live their lives wholly in the water, which in tarot is often representative of emotions, but who must breather air, which the Swords heavily represented in this reading remind me to use my logical thoughts and choosing precise words to counteract my overwhelming feelings.

I am excited to see what my week of working with The Naked Heart Tarot brings!  Please visit the creator’s site to support the deck and learn how to get your own copy.  Thanks to Lisa for making an outstanding Deck Interview Spread!

Daily Draw – Worry, Pain, Embrace

Prismatic 11.16.17
Prismatic Tarot

What I think- Nine of Swords.  Obviously, I have been thinking far too much and now I have gotten myself all riled up.  Maybe I can do something about this and maybe I can’t, but being all twisted emotionally has prevented me from taking actionable steps and has stolen the peace I need if this is just to be.  Half of these swords are real and half are just shadows, and I think I have pushed it too far and can no longer tell the difference.

What I feel- Three of Swords.  My back hurts.  It physically hurts.  It will never be fully well again, although sometimes I manage okay with it.

What I do- Lovers.  Since I can’t change a thing with my worry and since the physical pain is just a burden I have to bear, I lean into it all.  I can’t change anything with my worry, so I lean into the circumstances.  I can’t stop my pain so I stop struggling with it.  Come, if you will, or go if you will, pain.  You are not my enemy.

These images are from Prismatic Tarot and are subject to copyright.

Daily Draw – Compassion, Joy, Completion

Prismatic 11.17.17

What I think- King of Cups.  I think I want to learn more astrology, both for my own edification and to add value to the readings I do for others.

What I feel- Sun.  I feel great!  I snuggle babies all day and I get to bring a sweet one home with me at night.  I love this life and I feel blessed to have it.  I feel happy and optimistic about the future.

What I do- The World.  Do I take up hoop dancing?  I have always wanted to do that but I am about as un-graceful as they come and I feel foolish trying.

These images are from Prismatic Tarot and are subject to copyright, which I do not own.

Daily Draw – Elucidate, Stand, Imbibe

Prismatic 11.15.17.jpg
Prismatic Tarot 

What I think- Page of Swords.  I think it is better to stay silent in some circumstances, and even though I think that is a good option, I often struggle with exercising it.  I have met very few words I didn’t want to say. I think I am naked and vulnerable but the tilt of the hips says I am not too bothered by it.

What I feel- Nine of Wands.  I feel defensive, like I need to take a stand.  I feel like I need to protect myself and those close to me. I feel like this is “mine” and I won’t let it be harmed. Sometimes I feel like the lone soldier standing between destruction and wholeness.

What I do- Nine of Cups.  Whatever, let’s just have a glass of wine or three.  Probably due to what I think and feel, I now feel comfortable and safe enough to let my guard down a little bit and I relax with what I feel I have earned.  Tonight that is a soak and a tea and a good book, a pat of a puppy, and those are all I really want in life anyway.

These images are from Prismatic Tarot and are subject to copyright, which I do not own.

Daily Draw – Hot, Hotter, Hottest

Prismatic 11.14.17.jpg
Prismatic Tarot

What I think- Lovers.  I think the best partnerships marry intuition and practicality, excitement and placid evenings on the sofa, intimacy and reliability.  I think this applies to romances, friendships and even business.  My work needs to be like for me- I have to enjoy the excitement of passion but the comfort of the familiar too.

What I feel- Page of Wands.  I feel excited by a message by something about which I am passionate.  I feel entranced and re-energized by it.

What I do- Knight of Wands.  This card made an appearance in my New Deck Interview with this deck, also in an advising position.  This makes sense, because Knights do.  That is one thing they can be relied on for, doing.  It may not always be elegant, and it may not always be exactly as expected (or even wanted, those impetuous Knights) but they do do.  I am glad to see a card of action here, because I often have a hard time with taking action.  I can theorize and daydream all day long.  I can plan and note and write it all out, but at some point the deeds must be done.  I hear the call of adventure, and instead of snuggling back into warm sheets, I go after it.

These images are from Prismatic Tarot and are under copyright, which I do not own.

Daily Draw – Wisdom, Potential, Legacy

For this week I am using a simple three card spread- What I Think, What I Feel, What I Do.

Prismatic 11.13.17

What I think- the Hermit.  The first several times I looked at this card, I for sure thought it was a younger man but with my glasses and a closer look I could see he is a bit grizzled.  I too am a bit grizzled so that doesn’t take anything away for me.  I think I am alone in the world, and I think I am okay with that most of the time.  Not alone in the purest sense.  There are plenty of people around me. I have a husband whom I adore, and who gives every sign of adoring me back, I have three kids and two stepkids, one still at home and I am a full time GiGi to a sweet little redheaded baby girl, and soon a little brown eyed boy.  I have work that I love and a friendship or two.  But mostly I think that aloneness is the human condition, and I don’t equate that with being lonely.  Particularly as it relates to my family, I think I have some small degree of wisdom and make no bones about shoving it out there into the world, whether they want to hear my “wise” words or not. I am struggling at the moment with my middle son moving out. I wasn’t prepared and I’m not ready. I’m not sure he is prepared or ready but it’s his life to live and at a certain point motherly advice can start to sound like nagging.

What I feel- Ace of Pentacles.  I feel very strongly that the world is one big bag of potential.  All things are possible.  All Aces carry the seed of possibility in them, but this Ace, the one that denotes abundance and physical work, especially conveys my feelings, which are that if I work hard enough and long enough I can achieve anything.  One one hand, this is a good and true feeling that has helped me reach whatever small success I have.  On the other hand, it can be a limiting belief because if hard work were the only measure of what it takes to be successful there would be no starving children in the world.  Their mothers would do anything to care for them.  Still, I cannot always control the result but I can always control my effort, and I prefer to have at least that semblance of control over my own destiny.

What I do- Ten of Pentacles.  I work really, really hard.  This relates back to what I think and what I feel, of course.  It is a card devoid of human interaction, like the lone Hermit, and it is the culmination of that potential in the Ace.  I want to both leave a legacy for those kids and grandbabies, and enjoy it now while I am here.

These cards are from the Prismatic Tarot.  The images are subject to copyright and do not belong to me.

Daily Draw – Foxes and Mermaids Are Wild Things

I am a little hung up on these cards and not quite sure where to go with this reading.

the ELLIS decK – Four of Rods, Eight of Cups, The Moon

An effective but sometimes overlooked technique for dealing with a reading when you are just not sure exactly what the reading is telling you is to simply start describing the cards.  There is no “right” or wrong answer when doing this, and by diving in (like our mermaid in the center card) we can quickly pull our associations with the cards from the depths of our subconscious.  Since I believe that the meaning of the cards and the energy of the reading comes from within ourselves anyway, this is a perfect technique to read any spread.

My eye is first drawn to the mermiad’s sassy flick of her tail as she dives underneath the waves.  We as humans need expensive gear and lessons to do what comes easily and naturally to her. Water is not the right medium to attempt a balancing act of the eight Cups, and instead of messing around with a game she knows she can’t win she has opted to nope right out of there and move onto something she can.  We see her emerge to join the fox from the first card taking a turn yipping at The Moon. Foxes are wild and they hunt alone but they like living in packs. This makes me think of my family because our interests are diverse but we come together and it just works. Foxes are also creatures of the night, so it makes perfect sense for them to be moved by the moon while the mermaid is also called near.

So, this reading that I was having trouble with has become clear- Nothing matters more to me than my family, but the truth is that I am not a person who does well when I am forced to interact with others, even those I hold most dear.  I need my solitary time, my alone time, to be wild in my thoughts and my dreams, to write and muse and dream, and it’s okay.  My family needs their space too. This is a season for all of us to hold on loosely, confidant that our bonds are strong.  We now have three kids no longer at home, and the two that remain are ridiculously busy with school, basketball, working, and cheer.  My sweet husband and I are exceptionally busy right now.  Instead of trying to force us into family time that ends up feeling like a burden to all of us I am going to trust my intuition this week to gently draw us together according to the rhythm of our lives and our needs.

These cards are from the ELLIS decK, which I purchased on Amazon.  The Fool’s Dog, LLC has made a fully functional app complete with text which I also recommend.

Daily Draw – Simple Month Ahead Spread with the ELLIS decK

Today I am using a spread provided by Lisa at angelorum.com, who promises the look at the month ahead spread is suitable for all abilities of reading the cards.  This spread is unique in that it uses all Majors to answer the first question, Court Cards to answer the second part, and the Minor Arcana or pip cards to answer the third.  Since it’s the start of a new week, I have not yet shuffled my deck of the week, The ELLIS decK, so it seemed like a great time to use the spread.  If I were using a previously shuffled deck, I may be inclined to do it the lazy way and simply shuffle, draw until I had a Major, shuffle and draw until I had a court card, and a final shuffle looking for that pip.  However you may choose to try the spread, it all works.

1. Major Arcana.  Main developmental theme in the month ahead.  You could get very specific in this area, which I find works best when I read for others, but I was just looking for the general feel.

2. Court Card.  Best mental attitude to cultivate.

3. Minor Arcana. Action advice.  This card, combined with the advice on which court card to personify, gives advice on navigating the main theme of the month.

The ELLIS decK – the Tower, Knight of Swords, Five of Pentacles

The Simple Month Ahead Spread – May, 2017

1. Main developmental theme in the month ahead – The Tower.  Here is where I almost noped right out of the reading and the whole new blog thing, because really, almost no one enjoys experiencing Tower phases of life, and my surly, placid, plodding Taurean nature especially abhors the sudden and drastic changes The Tower can bring.  In my rational mind I know the Tower brings clarity more than calamity, and I know calamity can be avoided by not letting the Tower energy reach critical mass before I deal with the swirling energies surrounding it, but I still experience the cold chill of fear when I see the card, especially as a theme for the month.

2. Attitude to cultivate – Knight of Swords.  I shall simply have to be a warrior as I face the month ahead.  The Tower is no nonsense, doesn’t deal in deeper metaphor, and neither does the Knight of Swords.  I shall have to be precise with my words and make clear, swift decisions. The Tower can be a bit of a nasty surprise, but the Knight of Swords is never taken unawares.  And while he looks slightly grim, he also looks determined, and will not let fear or timidness make his decisions.

3. Action advice – Five of Pentacles.  For a multitude of reasons, I put a lot of stock in feeling secure.  Probably my nature was already skewed that way, and a hard scrabble childhood that included not really having “enough” and lots of upheaval cemented the trait for me.  I feel best when there is money in the bank, food in the pantry, and I know where I am going to be for the next several months.  For someone who holds these things so dear, as an adult I have not always been able to keep them close.  It’s important for me to understand that material lack does not equal spiritual lack, and that only one of them really matters.  One of the defining characteristics of this card for me, is that the figures are so downtrodden that they do not see the Pentacles above them.  They don’t look up so they don’t see any other way to be.  But forewarned is forearmed, and I can look up.  I can experience a tumultuous moment in life without losing the rest of the pieces of the puzzle, and I can remain cool, calm, and collected when under pressure.

This deck is The ELLIS decK by Taylor Ellis.  I purchased it on Amazon.  It is also available as a fully functional app, complete with text and interactive readings, from The Fool’s Dog, LLC.